5 Metal Roofing Advantages and 5 Disadvantages


When putting a roof on a building, the choice of roofing system for the building can often make a large difference in the energy efficiency and durability. Overall, the choice of roof construction can greatly affect the costs both during construction and over the long term life of the roof.

Here are 5 advantages to metal roofing:

  1. A metal roof is very lightweight in comparison to other choices.
  2. There is a very high strength to weight ratio in metal roofs. Because of this, very large roofs can be constructed out of metal, sometimes going over 20,000 square feet of steel sheeting for a single building.
  3. Has a good “green” factor with a good efficiency with heat using cool-roof paints and a high level of emissivity, as well as being open to recycling. For example, producing a fully recycled aluminum roof only requires 5% of the energy than it does to produce a completely new roof. Because of this, metal construction products for roofing are readily available with a high level of recycled content.
  4. Very resistant to weather effects, including fire, hail, and wind. Also durable towards aging, which means these roofs often come with a lifetime replacement warranty. The lifespan of a standard residential/commercial grade metal roof is 50 to 100 or more years, depending on the type of metal used.
  5. Little to no maintenance required.

There are also downsides to using metal roofing, although not too many. Here are 5 disadvantages to metal roofing:

  1. With large roofs, thermal movement must be taken into consideration during installation. If done properly, though, it’s a one-time concern.
  2. Change in temperature can cause roofing noise in some cases, although this is rather rare.
  3. Certain combinations of metals can cause accelerated corrosion in the metal. Again, if done properly, it is a one-time concern.
  4. Production of metal components is expensive for both money and energy, although recycling can cut these costs immensely.
  5. Transportation of metal components may require additional travel during construction, increasing some costs.

So take precaution when choosing what style of roof to be put into a building construction. If the benefits of metal roofing are best for your project, it may be your best choice.


Source by George J.