A Close Look at Roof Insulation


When was the last time that you climbed up into your attic? If you have you might have noticed that it is incredibly hot particularly on a warm sunny day. When the sun goes down, the heat stays in the attic for hours and may even still be there when the sun comes up to heat it up again.

If your attic has insulation, it is only in the ceiling and it is probably fiberglass or cellulose that was blown in. If you look closely at it you will see that it has settled and lost a large portion of its insulating value. Are you finding yourself having to indure warmer temperatures in your home to save on your power bills?

Don’t you wish that you could cool your home off and then shut off or turn down your air conditioner and have it stay nice and cool? Now there is a product on the market that solves all of these problems and can have you living in a nice cool home while substantially cutting your power bills.

Its called polyurethane foam roof insulation and it has twice the insulating, or value of conventional insulation. Its applied on the surface of the roof and then the roofing material is installed over it, so no matter what type of roof you have, it doesn’t effect the look.

It doesn’t settle and lasts for the entire life of the home and also helps to seal against roof leaks that are inevitably going to happen as your roof ages. The great thing about polyurethane roof insulation is that it stoppes the heat from entering into the attic in the summer and in the winter it stoppes the heat from leaving.

Many people are coming to realize that even though their home is in insulated up to what is required in the building code, it just isn’t enough and with rising power costs they are finding that what they have in their home just isn’t enough. This new technology in home insulation is the perfect answer if you are one of these home owners.


Source by Joseph Ringwald