A New Look in Shingles


Looking for the next big thing in roofing? Look no further than architectural shingles. They have been on the market for a little while already, but with their ‘new’ look and hardy structure they are really making a mark on the roofing market. They are like regular asphalt shingles in as much as they are made much the same way and act much the same way, but the wow factor they bring to a home is making them the new choice for many

Asphalt shingles are made using a heavy paper base that is then coated with asphalt and a granule substance that works to repel the rain, sleet and snow. Architectural shingles are simply a more refined version of the three tab asphalt shingle we are all familiar with. They are thicker and made with a more refined asphalt. They also go by a few different names like dimensional, composite or laminated shingles because they have a look that is definitely different than regular asphalt; they are three dimensional. Some architectural shingles have the look of slate which is a very expensive and heavy roofing material. With these, no one has to know the tiles are asphalt and best of all there is no need to reinforce your roof like you would if you went with slate.

Architectural shingles can withstand winds up to 120 mph, which is about twice that of the regular three-tab shingles on the market today. They also look great while protecting your home from the weather, whether you are in an area with wicked storms in the summer or lots of snow in the winter (or both!), and best of all, they have a longer warranty than the regular asphalt shingles, about 45 years which betters the old ones by about a decade. Although they are a bit more expensive than their cheaper cousins, many people are finding their unique and expensive look to be worth the extra money up front.

Superior weather resistance, better wind tolerance, heavier set shingles and lots of colour and texture choices to choose from it is no wonder so many of your neighbours are choosing architectural shingles for their new roof. They look like they are actually moulded to your roof deck unlike their cheaper cousins that sit flat to the sides, maintenance and installation are about the same so what are you waiting for? Check out the new line of fancy roofing fashions today!


Source by Amanda J Hales