A Roofing Contractor Answers Your Winter Home Improvement Questions


Many people assume that during the winter months, particularly in colder climates, contracting for any exterior home improvements is a bad idea. In fact, installation of many exterior improvements, including vinyl or fiber cement siding and new windows, can actually be a wise decision that can save homeowners money. If you’ve been wanting to update your home’s curb appeal, the time between early January and the end of March could be the ideal time to transform your house. Here are some answers to common questions:

Is It Too Cold For Window Or Siding Installation?

Not at all. Roofing contractors and other exterior home improvement specialists who have worked in cold climates in the past are familiar with the rapid changes in weather and know how cold it can get. They work with local weather forecasts and use installation techniques specifically developed to keep your house warm and protected from the elements during every step of the job. Products like fiber cement siding are meant to withstand brutal winter weather, including snow, sleet and much more. They can be installed year round with no problem. Contractors will also schedule your work so that they can complete the project quickly without gaps in time that could otherwise leave your home exposed to the elements.

How Are Windows Installed In The Winter?

Window installation in the winter is done one window at a time so that there is only one small area of house that is open at any given time. The window and roofing contractor will do the work on the warmest day of the week and prep the new window before removing the old one. They will then carefully put the new window in place in about a half-hour to forty-five minutes and seal around it before finishing any exterior trim work. Some roofing contractors and window renovation professionals note that it’s easier to feel and resolve any drafty areas during the colder months.

Will My House Get Too Cold Inside When My Home Improvement Or Roofing Contractor Is Installing Siding?

Having new siding put on your house when it’s cold outside will have minimal impact on the interior of your home because exterior improvement and roofing contractors will leave at least three sides of the house intact, working on only one side at a time. They will remove the old material, add new weather wrap and put the new siding in place, carefully sealing every space before moving on to the next side.

Will Below Freezing Temperatures Damage The Materials?

Keep in mind that exterior remodeling materials and windows are specifically designed to stand up to the harshest weather conditions. Roofing contractors are familiar with which materials can be installed during the winter and which ones might be compromised and will schedule their work accordingly. New windows and siding can be put in place year round.

Is It More Expensive To Have Windows And Siding Installed In The Winter?

No, and in some cases, roofing contractors and exterior home improvement specialists will offer a discount during the coldest three months of the year because their schedule is lighter. Because they don’t have to worry about working around your landscaping and they don’t have to endure scorching heat, they may negotiate a special price with you. It’s also easier for you to have the work done by your preferred contractors because you aren’t competing with other homeowners for their time.

If new windows or exterior siding are in your future, having the work done during the winter months may save you both time and money. Get a few estimates now – you may be pleasantly surprised with the results!


Source by Chris A. Harmen