Aluminum Roof Shingles – For a Better and More Permanent Roofing Solution


Modern roofing solution is made available in a plethora of options of material, color, design and durability. However, if you are looking for a better and more permanent roofing solution, look no further than aluminum roof shingles.

Aluminum roof shingles can be the perfect choice for your home, real estate or even your heritage property. Why? This type of shingle weighs lighter than steel, rustproof and stronger compared to asphalt or any other laminated shingles. In addition, aluminum shingles are tough and offer lifetime durability and superior performance upon installation.

If you are still not convinced, consider the following benefits of opting for an aluminum roofing shingle solution:

High-durability: Aluminum shingles are highly durable. This is because aluminum is rustproof and strong. It does not rust, nor burn, dry out, crack, or rot. Moreover, it is not prone to mold, or any insect damage. In fact, it can last for more than a lifetime with better insulating qualities compared to steel.

Longer Life: While asphalt shingles generally made available in grades warranted to 25 years along with a rating of 3/10; and designer asphalt shingles claim to have a rating of 6, aluminum shingles are considered to be a life-time roofing solution with a rating of 10 or more.

Aesthetics: Aluminum shingles are manufactured and designed to resemble the appearance of asphalt, tiles, cedar shakes or other specific and unique heritage roofing designs out there. With this, it can bring elegance, ruggedness and style combined with superior performance to your home or just about any real estate property.

Recyclable Roof: Since aluminum shingles are made with recycled aluminum, it can be recycled all over again rating it a top environmental choice of all the shingle types.

Cost – effective: Aluminum shingles may be considered as the most expensive shingle on the market today. In fact, it is three times more expensive as Western Red Cedar shakes, but overall, the relative cost will likely be lessened substantially by the longevity of a permanent roof. In other words, aluminum roof shingle is highly cost-effective type of shingle.

If you want to spare yourself form the necessity of replacing the roof of your home, choose aluminum roof shingles for that roofing project!


Source by George Edmondson