Aluminum Roofing – TLC For a Very Tough Roof


But if you think aluminum roofing sounds like the ticket, just make sure you are prepared to live with it for a very long time. On the average, you can expect to your aluminum roofing to celebrate its golden anniversary-yes, fifty years of protective service! Even if you are inheriting aluminum roofing on a building you buy, the odds are that it has plenty of life left, because aluminum is far more resistant to rust and mold than roofing of other materials.

Taking care Of Your Aluminum Roofing

But one thing against which aluminum roofing can’t protect you is weather related damage, like hurricane winds or uprooted trees. While the aluminum itself will not be harmed by high wind and torrential rain, the roof structure should be given a going over every sis moths so that the fasteners which hold the aluminum roofing in place can be checked and replaced if necessary.

Your semi-annual check should examine the roof for broken, loose, or buckled material, and puddles of accumulated water which can be predictors of a leaky roof. A twice yearly check will allow you to stop any minor problems with your aluminum roofing before they become major ones, and save you a ton of money in the process!

Taking Care Of Your Gutters

If your home or building has gutters, and is surrounded by deciduous trees, you should also do an annual gutter cleaning so that water can drain freely from your aluminum Roofing You may even be lucky enough to hire some gutter cleaners who throw in a roof once-over at no charge. You may thing that cleaning the gutters of your building is a job you can handle on your own from the ground, but the truth is that without getting up to gutter level like the professionals do, you can’t see what is going on with your roof.

If you don’t have the legs for scrambling around on the roof, you can hire a roofing specialist or contractor who will be happy to perform the necessary inspection. You should have not trouble getting the name of a reliable roofing contractor from family members or friends, or even check with the bank which holds your home or building mortgage. They are certain to have the names of some preferred contractors, because they want any work done on your property to be correctly completed, so that your property’s value is not harmed.

While you’re at it, ask the roofing inspector to have a look at your chimney and make sure it is drawing freely!


Source by Philip Keon