Aspects of Roofing to Consider


Whether you want a new look for your home or to increase property values, one way of sprucing up the appearance of your house is to give your roof a facelift. You can replace old shingles, or come up with a completely different design.

Installing a brand new roof is the perfect opportunity to make sure your home is protected against leaks when it rains. When you plan new roofing ideas, you should remember a well-designed and constructed roof should provide enough ventilation to the home and attic (if you have one) without being too drafty. Good ventilation also helps with energy conservation and power savings.

The type of shingles used is the main concern for anyone putting up a new roof. Choosing shingle material depends on cost and durability. Wood is very popular, for instance, as it adds warmth to a home. However, it can be a fire hazard and shingle quality is sometimes questionable. A rubber roof shouldn’t be discounted when you’re looking at new roofing ideas either. Affordable rubber shingles can be made to resemble slate shingles. In addition, they are waterproof, fireproof and durable. Other roofing materials are cement, fiberglass, copper and slate. Whatever the price, you should not compromise on durability and quality.

Most homeowners would immediately dismiss any new roofing ideas as they think it will be too costly. The cost of a new roof is dependent on the roofing material and quality, as well as the supporting components of the roof. A home owner can calculate an estimate on his own with the aid of roofing estimate calculators and downgrade or upgrade material selection accordingly. Roofing companies are always happy to provide estimates as well, and it is not required to ask just one company. A warranty period is a must to avoid the headache of any early repairs that have to be made.

Any improvements to a home, including the roof, are usually made in order to increase the value of the property while maintaining the market value of the neighborhood.


Source by Chris Cornell