Benefits of Using Asphalt Shingles


Providing great roofing for your house is very important so that you can have a complete home. One of the greatest ways of protecting your roof is by using shingles. These are external coverings that are placed on your roof to provide protection. One of the best type of shingles you can use for your roof are the asphalt shingles. Many people prefer to use them as they are not costly and are easy to install. There are two types of these shingles that you can choose from and these are organic and fiber glass.

The organic shingles are paper that is saturated with asphalt to make them water proof. They also have a top coating of adhesive asphalt that is applied on them and ceramic granules that are embedded on the surface. You can also get ones that are algae resistant. These ones have leachable copper that is ceramically coated on the granules. This help to protect the roof from discoloring from the algae on the roof. They are also used to slow the growth of moss on the roofs. Manufactures usually offer a 10 year warranty against algae growth.

The fiber glass shingles have a base of fiber glass fiber that is used to reinforce the mat. This is made from wet fiber glass that is bonded with urea-formaldehyde resin. This is then coated with asphalt that contains mineral fillers to make them waterproof. These have a very high rate of fire resistance as the fiberglass mats are able to resist fire better then the organic ones. Both types of shingles are durable and can serve you for a long time without tearing.

Advancements to the shingles are constantly being made and there is a new type of shingles that is known as laminated or architectural. These have two layers that are bonded together to make them more more stronger. They are also heavier, more durable and give a more contoured visual effect to the roof surface. They last longer in cooler climates than warmer ones and that is why they are popular in west palm beach. The asphalt shingles are normally affected by poor ventilation and thermal shock. Thermal shock is the dramatic change of weather within a very short period of time. You should also not apply them in cold weather as this can also damage the shingles. When you are constructing your roof you should make sure you have layers to place the shingles as they can be softened by sunlight.


Source by Korio Geoffrey