Change Your Roof – Save the World


If you’re a roofer who routinely counsels clients in what shade to choose for a roof, read up on new reports about energy use and think about how changing your outlook could lead to a brighter, cleaner world.

That’s right: scientists are now saying that a white roof can help lower the effects of greenhouse gases – by a lot! The idea is that while black absorbs heat, white reflects it back up into the atmosphere.

So how does that translate into energy savings? Well, it’s like this: during hot summer months, homes constantly run their air conditioners. These machines suck up energy like nobody’s business, besides using some pretty unsustainable elements like Freon or other refrigerant to run.

When you eliminate the heat from a black roof, the equation changes. That’s why a lot of experts are saying that a “whitewashing” of our infrastructure may soon occur.

Is the future a sea of white houses? That depends on the amount of environmental variables enter the equations. Obviously, things like this aren’t going to be mandated, although you may start to see commercial and government clients go with light colors. This will be up to the opinion of the public.

How can you help? By explaining to your clients exactly why the white roof is in their best interests. They can then make their own choices, but by educating them on some of this basic science, you’ll be promoting ecology while on the job, and contributing to a responsible culture that we need to eventually embrace to help us deal with climate change and other events.

In their reports on this, some of the people writing books on the subject envision a government re-painting of roads, as well as a lightening of sidewalks and other structures, all to provide some natural cooling options that will hopefully have a positive effect on the consequences of “global warming”.

If you’re skeptical about the link between white and green, don’t take my word for it – there’s a lot of reading material out there. Do some research, find out what lighter color opinions are best for your community. As a reminder, all of us humans are in the fight for the environment, so think green. Our leaders are starting to think that way – and so should we!

Above demonstrates a few of the variables which people are debating for choosing new roof pigments in the new millennium – you’ve heard the old saying that “the only thing sure is change”? This is precisely what I mean. There will always be change in any industry, and those who work in roofing should pay attention to some of the things that are going on in their own industry, to be able to profit from this knowledge later when these trends really develop. It’s a good idea, in any case, to offer clients a wide range of choices, and to fully explain these choices in ways that they can understand, to help your clients really make wise decisions about their homes.


Source by Scott S. Rodgers