Chicago Roofing – The Elements Are Stacked Against Your Roof


In the Windy City, roofs have it rough.

Imagine yourself standing outside all day. Maybe today is sunny and nice, so you are thinking, okay, that’s fine. That isn’t bad.

Think about standing outside all night. And tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. Keep standing outside through the rain, sun, snow, wind, ice, and cold, without ever coming in. It wouldn’t be a pleasant life, but luckily you don’t have to go through that. You are fortunate enough to have a roof over your head.

Being outside and completely exposed to the elements is the rough life that roofs are cursed with. Damage done to roofs by all the different weather extremes is unparalleled to any other part of a house.

o Sun: The sun is a major enemy of any roof. Constant exposure to heat and ultraviolet light causes roofs to age, and shingles to crack, curl and split. Shingles are coated with mineral granules to reflect sunlight and to minimize damage, but as these granules slowly wear away through other elements, the effects of direct sunlight become more and more pronounced.

o Wind: Severe winds, like tornadoes, gusts, or hurricanes will obviously wreak terrible damage on any roof. But even moderately strong winds can slowly wear a roof down over time. Wind can lift shingles, which loosens them, and lets dirt and moisture get beneath them.

o Moisture: Moisture has many forms. General moisture that inevitably accumulates beneath the shingles erodes the integrity of a roof and eventually causes rotting. Other moisture, such as ice and snow, causes a specific problem called ice damming. Ice and snow that melts and refreezes pushes up roofing material, again weakening the integrity of the roof leading to serious problems in the future.

o Trees: Trees are a beautiful and essential part of any home’s landscaping. But branches can break off and do both serious and immediate damage and also minor and long term damage that accumulates slowly.

Chicago roofing contractors know that the Midwest’s weather is damaging to all elements of a home, especially the roof. With temperatures ranging from blisteringly hot to below freezing cold, along with snowfall, rain, sleet and slush; the effects of the weather are powerful on Chicago homes. Inspect your roof for loose, warped or worn material to make sure that you’re not at risk of further damaging your home. Check the gutters for mineral granules because an accumulation of granules indicates excessive wear and potentially acts as a sign to replace the roof itself. Also, discolored paint or peeling wallpaper indicates the presence of moisture in the house, possibly stemming from roof related issues. If any of these characteristics are present for your roof, it is time for you to redo your roof before the damage becomes more severe, and subsequently more expensive.


Source by Eric Kripas