Energy Efficient Roofing Saves You Money


Did you know that having an energy-efficient roof can save you lots of money? Many consumers don’t realize that the color of their roof and the material it is made out of can have a dramatic effect on their energy bills. We’ll outline the basics of these new roofing innovations so that you can make a smart choice when it’s time to refurbish your home.

“Cool roofs” is an industry term for a variety of materials and techniques that have been designed to make your roof work for you in the hot summer months. Various materials, coatings, and designs can be combined to maximize the cooling effects of your home. You do not have sacrifice the attractiveness of house in order to increase its energy efficiency. Many of the materials used for cool roofs are identical to those materials that do not have energy-saving properties. Also, you do not have to install a brand new cover in order to embrace energy efficiency. There are also coatings and single-ply membranes available that can have similar results. Coatings usually have the consistency of paint and can be applied to a variety of roofing materials, including gravel, metal, and asphalt. These coatings can reflect up to 65% of the suns rays, lowering the costs for cooling your home during hot summer months.

Another key factor to consider when investigating the various options is the rate of thermal emittance. Thermal emittance is the rate at which a particular surface gives off heat. The cooler the roof, the higher the rate of thermal emittance, meaning that it has the ability to cool off more quickly because it releases heat faster. Some traditional materials, such as metal, are very successful at reflecting solar light but take more time to emit heat. In order to maximize the energy efficiency, it’s important to pay attention to details regarding thermal emittance and the rate of solar reflection.

It may seem daunting to make the investment into an energy-efficient roof. But studies have shown that over time, you will make money back by saving money on your energy bill. This is especially important if you live in a dense urban area. The EPA has done research that has shown that apartment buildings and homes that are tightly packed can concentrate heat in a dangerous manner. This can lead to serious issues during heat waves or other hot weather events. That’s why if you’re a building owner or manager, looking into cool roofs can be an excellent way to ensure the safety of your tenants and save you money!

All in all, innovations in roofing have allowed for a lot of great techniques to improve energy efficiency. Individuals who are interested in these new materials can find more information by speaking with a roofing professional.


Source by Alfred Ardis