Fiberglass and Laminated Shingles – Investment Comparison


When you are thinking of changing the roof or making a new home then you will give importance to the several options available on price. Whenever you need to change the roof, you must consider the costs of the grits and not only the cost but also the design, theme and their overall appearance on the home. One can easily find diverse themes of grits and several kinds of shingles as well.

One such kind is the fiberglass grits. Their appearance is dissimilar to the laminated ones but the strength of fiberglass shingle is considered to be very high. Normally the fiberglass grits lifespan is about ten years, particularly in drastic weather conditions. If the installation of these grits has been completed properly then they may survive for about 25 years as well. The rates may differ but usually they are available in a price ranging from $30-$55 a square.

The laminated grits are the engineered ones and are commonly more costly because of their popularity and as their appearance is much more specialized. They are available in the market with thirty year guarantee and substitution warranty of ten years, moreover if they are set up properly then a lifespan warranty is also granted. They cost you about $40-130 a square.

Well, if you want to change the roofing and secure your precious cash then it is better to go for the fiberglass shingles. On the other hand if you want to maintain the quality of your home and if you plan a long term stay in the house then go for the laminated shingles. The cost of laminated shingles is higher than the fiberglass ones but they provide you a long term advantage. Grits that actually survive for long and are available with lifetime guarantee provide you safety and quality.


Source by Nazima Golamaully