Fiberglass Roof Shingles – Your Not So Ordinary Roof Shingle!


Are you looking for a more durable, better-performing roofing solution than just the ordinary asphalt roofing? Try using fiberglass roof shingles. There have been advances in the construction of shingles and these are now based on glass fiber. This product offers a substantially longer life than ordinary shingles as well as it can offer the architectural beauty of cedar shingles or any other high-end roofing products.

Aside from the fact that it is not your ordinary roof shingle, fiberglass shingle has a variety of qualities as your basis in coming up the best purchasing decision. Read on!

Fiberglass Shingle Durability.. Fiberglass is a tough, resilient material that doesn’t absorb water, doesn’t curl or dry out, and doesn’t even shrink. Therefore, a roof shingles made with a fiberglass base mat are far less likely to shatter if walked upon, break off in cold weather, or be subject to wind damage. Also, it has a higher fire rating.

Aesthetics.. Fiberglass shingles offer a wide variety of designs and colors. This provides homeowners a unique and distinct appearance of traditional high-end roofing like cedar and slate or other products with designer profiles and high curb appeal.

Easy Installation.. Fiberglass shingles give you the convenience of easy installation. This is because it has high flexibility making it less likely to shatter when installed even in cold weather. This product even has a much longer life than asphalted felt or organic types of shingles.

Cost.. Fiberglass-laminated shingles may be 25% more costly than organic-based asphalt products, they, however, offer longer life and better durability making it a more cost-effective product. Moreover, its ability to appear like high-end roofing gives you a great advantage than buying the genuine ones that are much more costly.

Warranty. You can avail a 50-year warranty from some of the fiberglass shingle products available in the market these days. Other fiberglass roof shingles are offered with a non-prorated for 10 year, lifetime limited transferable warranty, thus, suggesting it to be a highly durable roofing product. It has a life expectancy of 30 to 40 years.

Environment-friendly. Asphalt products including those based upon fiberglass mat technology are completely recyclable.

So, for an upscale roofing solution that has a traditional look and an extra curb appeal along with an extended life and durability, look no further than fiberglass shingles.


Source by George Edmondson