File a Roof Repair Claim With Your Insurance


How to file a roof repair claim with your insurance company.

Step 1.- Look for the best professional roofer company that you can find, we recommend you to look in places like the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s list or Prefer Contractor List just to name a few. Keep in mind that there are roofing companies that could provide you with FREE ESTIMATES.

Step 2.- We recommend you to try and get two or three different estimates, don’t choose the inexpensive or the very expensive but the one between. After you have done this, be sure to call you insurance agent or insurance company and tell them you want to file a claim. A few days later you will be contacted by the insurance adjuster.

Step 3.- Try to schedule the appointment with the adjustor, the contractor and you. This way you, the roofing contractor and the adjuster can go over the specifics of your roof repair damage. by doing this you will know exactly what to put on the roofing claim and ensure the greatest possible accuracy. The adjuster will tell you if the claim is valid and if the insurance company will cover it. If so, then you should expect a check in the mail along with a package in roughly a week. The package will have several pages of information. These will itemize the amounts which the insurance company is going to pay. Your check should be included in the package as well.

Step 4.- You can sit down with your roofing contractor and go through these pages line by line to verify their figures. On the last page it will have a breakdown of the amounts. They will include Total Claim, Depreciation, Deductible, and the end number. This value should be the same amount as the first check you received with the packet.

Step 5.- Once the roof repair is completed and you are satisfied, you must look at the check and determine if it is made out to just you. If so, then you can deposit the check to have the funds ready for the roof repair. If the check is made out to you and the mortgage company then you must contact them for the endorsement process. Each mortgage company has its own policy, so work with them to ensure that you have the funds for the repairs to begin.

Step 6.- Make sure you receive the warranty, certificate of competition and the final invoice that everything is paid.

By following this steps you should not have any problems to file a roof repair claim with your insurance.


Source by Alex Suarez