Fix Your Roof When It’s Not Raining


The unfortunate thing about a leaking roof is that the symptoms of the problem never manifest until the rain begins to pour or the ice begins to melt. With any luck – if luck can be factored into the equation of a leaky anything – you will locate and address the leak at a time in close proximity to its advent. Otherwise, you may be looking at extensive, extraneous damages, and more than just roof leak repairs to address. A small, undetected leak in your roofing system can soak your attic insulation, seep into the wood of your home’s frame and saturate your dry wall panels. All of these factors can culminate into a disastrous situation that lends to the following:

• The creation of a fertile breeding ground for molds and other toxic spores;

• The weakening of your ceiling panels, which may lead to cave ins, dark spots or plaster damage;

• The weakening of your dry wall panels, which may lead to buckling or collapse, and;

• The creation of dangerous electrical situations wherein shorted circuitry or exposed wires may cause electrocution and/or fire.

With the above in mind, it is easy to see why addressing your leaking roof is imperative, and why you should investigate the means of having it fixed immediately after it stops raining. In the roofing business, they say that there is no such thing as a small leak. And the reason this phrase is so relevant is because an undetected leak can cause extensive water damage before you ever even know it exists. Wood rot along with a host of other structural damages can occur as a result of your leak and render your property unsafe and unlivable.

It is important to keep in mind that your pots and pans belong in the kitchen, and they are made for cooking, not catching rainwater trickling into your home from some rooftop shingle gap or tear in your roofing membrane. So, when the rain stops falling and you remove your buckets from their sentry positions beneath your leaking ceilings, you need to pick up the phone and have a professional roofing contractor come and give you an assessment of the situation – and an estimate of your roof leak repairs. With any luck – again, if luck can be factored into the scenario – the leak itself and its related damages will be minimal. Putting off a phone call to assess damages earlier enough will only grow into bigger problems down the road.


Source by Leonard A Simmons