Gazebo Roof Types – How to Choose the Best Roof For Your Gazebo


Whether you are buying a ready made gazebo kit or are building a custom made gazebo from scratch, you will have many options when choosing the style of roof. These options include the roofing material, size and shape of the roof, and whether you want a double or single gazebo roof.

Double vs Single Gazebo Roof

Single roof gazebos are the most common. These are simple structures with roofs like a house – they look like you would expect them to look. A double roof offers the option of additional ventilation plus a more decorative, ‘Victorian’ style appearance. These gazebos have a regular size roof plus a slightly smaller but otherwise identical roof built on top of it.

Gazebo Roof Size and Shape

In the past, octagonal gazebos were very common. These had octagonal or circular roofs to cover them. As gazebos become more popular in recent times, there are many new shapes appearing, including squares, rectangles, ovals, and others. Of course, the shape of your gazebo does largely dictate the shape of your roof. The same is true with size. So you only have so many options once you decide upon a style of gazebo.

Gazebo Roof Material

Another important factor in the construction of your gazebo roof is the building material. Now this can be the same as your gazebo – but it doesn’t have to be. In the case of canopy gazebos, it will usually not be the same. The frames are metal or plastic and the roof is often canvas or vinyl. For regular garden gazebos – the roof can be wood (pine, cedar, and redwood being most common), metal (aluminum, steel, powder coated iron), or plastic (weather resistant resin). The most common material is wood for aesthetic purposes. But metal is quickly becoming a very durable replacement – as it can be powder coated and shaped to look just like a wooden roof.

Once you have decided on these three important factors, your final consideration will be the pitch of your roof. If you chose a ready made kit, this probably won’t be a problem. But if you are building from scratch, you want to ensure your roof has enough pitch to drain precipitation properly. Otherwise you may find yourself considering a new gazebo roof sooner than you thought.


Source by Florin Ciobanu