How Bad Roofing Can Ruin Your Whole Weekend


What happens when you’ve got bad roofing? You get a house where it rains inside, leaving puddles in your dining room and other places that are supposed to be dry, inviting pests and mold to take up residence there, and every time it storms, it carries away parts of your house… In other words, we’ve got a problem.

And here’s what’s even worse – No matter how you hope and wish, the problem won’t go away. It’ll only get worse. If you have a problem with your roof, no matter how small, call a roofing contractor immediately and get them out to the house. Let’s look at the warning signs.

Wearing Rain Boots Inside The House

As we said, the biggest dead giveaway that you’ve got roof troubles is water in the house. Mysterious puddles and leaks could be caused by pipes, or they could be caused by a bad roof. Stains on the ceiling help you to know that it’s coming in, and there are other hints as well. The only trouble is that, unless you actually catch the water dripping in, you won’t know for sure. The water may be coming in at one point, moving down the walls, and forming puddles somewhere else.

If you’re thinking it might be the roof, the only way to be sure is to get up there yourself and have a look. Go get the ladder…

Think You’ve Got Roofing Problems? Get Up There And Have A Look

First, be careful about getting on the roof. It really is dangerous, so take it seriously. Always go up there when it’s dry, and use whatever safety devices you can. Secure your ladder and, if possible, have somebody on the ground watching in case there’s an accident. Walking around up there a lot can also damage your house, and that’s the last thing we want so be careful.

The clearest sign to look for is shingles missing. Look for bare spots on the roof, broken shingles, or shingles and other roof materials in your gutters. Damage to shingles is a sure sign that the wind and rain are taking parts of your house with them. This is what’s causing your leaks.

If you don’t see any obvious signs of damage from a distance, get a closer look. Look for blistering and cracking, or shingles that are curved up or down. Blistering and cracking means that you’re going to have broken shingles soon enough. Usually, curling means that you’ve got too much humidity inside the house, which is then damaging the house.

While you’re inspecting, you might find mold or mildew. While these look ugly, they actually don’t damage your house at all, and they’re safe as long as they’re on the outside and not inside the house.

If In Doubt, Call The Specialists

In any case, it’s always a good idea to contact a roofing specialist, and ask them to take a look. A leak in your roof needs to be fixed right away, or it will lead to much worse things than a stain on the ceiling or a puddle on the floor. Your roofing protects you from the elements, and without it, you’re living outside!


Source by Aaliyah Arthur