How Do I Get More Customers For My Home Remodeling Business?


If you are in the home remodeling business you have probably asked yourself, how do I get more customers? There isn’t a simple answer or a switch you can flick however with some hard work and strategic planning you can get more customers and grow you remodeling business.

This day in age people head straight to the internet when they need to research services and find a remodeling solution. You need to make sure that those potential clients are finding your business and that you are presenting yourself in a professional and enticing way.

1. Inform – When a potential client is searching for your services they are looking to get some preliminary questions answered. Use your website to act as a resource for these clients. Write a blog post outlining the different types of roofing material available to customers today and discuss the pros and cons. Not only are your clients searching for this type of information but they will be much more likely to contact you for the job.

2. Offer – People respond more quickly when there is something in it for them. One of the great remodeling marketing strategies is enticing your clients to request a quote or contact you by offering something in return. You do not need to slash your prices to grow your business. In fact some of the most successful remodeling contractors charge the highest prices. Putting an offer on the table shows that you are serious and ready to do business.

3. Reviews – One of the biggest assets available to contractors in the replacement and remodeling industries is that they can collect feedback and reviews from past clients. Whenever someone is hiring a contractor for a big job they are going to look at reviews of former customers. It is important to ask your clients to take the time to leave a review and to take the time to thank them accordingly.

4. Listings – There are a wide variety of directories and business listings available to businesses for free. Listing your business in these directories improves SEO and makes it easier for potential customers to find you.

How Do I Get More Customers? What NOT To Do:

The most important thing NOT to do to get more customers is to slash your prices to a point where it isn’t profitable. Charge an honest and competitive rate and cutomers will take notice. The most successful businesses are using remodeling marketing strategies that are aggressive and steal business away from the competition. Spending your marketing dollars correctly will help you compete with the savviest competitors and start growing your business.

Taking time to implement a solid marketing plan is the best way improve your online presence and get more customers.


Source by Ryan Paul Adams