How Often Should I Clean My Gutters


As a professional roofer I often get asked by customers how often they should clean their guttering. Now this always depends, and it is dependent on the area you live in as to what is likely to build up in the gutters. If your house is next to trees that are likely to blow into your gutter then you should be getting your gutters cleaned up to 4 times a year.

The problem with leaves is once they are in your guttering they can get blocked in the swan neck of the fall pipe. Once this happens the rain water has no outlet and begins building up in the guttering. Once the gutters have reached full capacity they will start overflow. The water will then start running down the house wall, onto your door step and can even begin to penetrate your basement if you have one. The extra weight that is in the guttering can also lead to the guttering coming away from the wall. If this happens it can snap the gutter brackets leading to it falling off the wall.

Now if you don’t have trees around your house or anything that can blow into your guttering the debris will take a lot longer to build up. So you will only need to get your gutters cleaned out once a year. The main aspect to look at other than leaves is loose ridge/hip pointing. When this starts to fall down the roof it can get stuck in the fall pipe, once other loose debris falls in it all gets stuck which will also block the outlet leading to the gutters overflowing.

There are preventions you can take to prevent this, one of these preventions are gutter guards. These guards protect the guttering from loose debris, they form a protective layer over the guttering stopping leaves etc from falling In. These can be bought from most roofing yards and are relatively inexpensive, you could cover a semi-detached house with them from as little as 30 pounds.

If you are looking for a roofing service that provides gutter cleaning then you can find them in most of your local directories. I would always recommend that you contact at least 3-4 roofers to ensure that you get a competitive quote.

So to recap what we have already talked about, generally you only have to check your gutters once a year for loose debris. However if you are in a wooded area this dramatically increases and you should check them every couple of months.


Source by Mathew James Hunt