How to Build a Gazebo


A lot of individuals construct their gazebos in their backyards or open fields and use it to host important gatherings like dinners and birthdays. Its design can be simple or complicated depending on your preference.


The materials that you needed for your project are two by four building stock, two by 10 joist stock, pre-made stairs, columns, joist hangers, wooden post anchors, roof decking, cement, base tubes, shingles, sand, H2O and railings.


The tools needed to accomplish this endeavor are nails, hammer, circular saw, table saw, bits, drill, portable cement mixer, shovel, chalk, string, wooden stakes, pen and paper, power cords, goggles and a pair of ladders.


Most individuals build circular or pentagon gazebos. The steps are just the same for any shape although a circular shape requires more attention to detail. Look for the center of your structure. Place a stake to the center of the structure and tie a string. With the help of the string, go over the circle, placing a wooden stake in each foundation.

Remember that the larger the structure, the more base holes that you need to dig up. Eight to ten inches wooden boards usually need a base location at each side of the each wooden board. Even if it is an independent structure, you need to acquire a building permit with your local municipality. Dig four inches base holes beneath the frost line. Place the base tube in the base hole and make sure that it rest three inches below the ground.

Mix some cement and place it inside the base tube. Install an anchor into the cement mixture before it dries. Repeat the same procedure to the base holes. Connect your posts to bases and make sure that they are all of the same level.

Connect the joists to the wooden posts and see if they are the same height at each step. Place two by ten joists and check again if everything is the same height. For a bigger one, a more complicated framing system is required. For a smaller one, a single brace will be required for additional support between the main joists. For the floor decking, remember that you need to leave spaces in between the floor boards to prevent any H2O accumulation. Place the columns at all base points. If there is no installation point above the column, place a wood to better hold the boards and joists of the roof.

For the frame of the roof, use the pole. Divide the joists to the needed length and attach it to the top of the column and main block. Additional hands and a pair of ladders will help you place 3 joists to the main block and supports. You can use several braces to strengthen the frame of the roof. Railings usually come in different sizes and features.

You can make railings yourself but pre-constructed railings will help you save time. The materials that you need for the roof are wood, roofing paper and asphalt shingles. Make sure that you get the correct measurement before beginning the construction of the roof. Angles can be very challenging especially when you are cutting wood and roofing paper. Secure everything with nails.


Watch out when you are fixing the roof of your masterpiece. Ask another person to secure the ladder for you so that you do not have to worry when climbing it.


Source by Kenny Leones