How to Choose Roofing Materials


Before you consider fixing or replacing your roof one should always keep in mind that the roof is one of the most vital elements of your home. The roof is the one thing that stands protects you from the elements of nature. If your house is located in a volatile region you would want to be able to find a good balance between the appearance of your roof and how the over all materials will hold up against the elements.

In all honesty your roof shingles can only handle so much snow and its fairly likely that your tiles can fly away in a tropic storm. With this in mind, one should realize that these options will do nothing but leave you with a lot of possible costs down the road. Experts in the roofing industry generally state that a moderate pitch is the number one answer if one wants to see success.

The most widely used roofing material today is the asphalt shingles as they are not only cheap and easy to install but they also last for quite some time in temperate environments. To add on to their popularity these shingles also come in a large variety of colours and shades to appeal to one’s personal taste. If asphalt is not the choice for you then shingles also come in glass fiber and organic material.

However, with this in mind shingles do not tend to hold up well in regions where the temperature where go from one extreme to the next quickly.

Another common roofing material is tiles. They offer better ventilation which allows the house to more effectively heat up and cool down which will save money on energy costs. If you are thinking about using tiles for your roof then you will have yourself a variety of options including; wood, metal, and clay tiles. The most popular of these three options is shaker clay because they offer better insulation then any of the others.

Next is the option of composition roofing. Composition roofs provide a mixture of form and functions. They also offer water proofing, house insulation, and reinforcement. Though composition roofing has a lot of beneficial features it is a lot more expensive.

Lastly you could always choose metal for your roofing. When it comes to metal roofing you generally have three options which includes steel, aluminum, and copper. Of the three steel is the most secure, aluminum is the lightest, and copper is the most durable.

In the end if your house can endure the weight of metal then it would be the far better option as metal is much more endurable. However quality comes at a higher cost.


Source by Noah Glaser