How to Figure Out Metal Roofing Costs


Homeowners looking to put a new roof on their house often ask the same question, how in the world am I supposed to sort through the mass of information that’s out there these days in order to determine my metal roofing costs? What’s the real difference between all of the various materials used, and all of the different prices that are quoted? Once you realize how to figure out the metal roofing costs that you’ll be facing you should have a clearer picture about the scope of the project you’ll be taking on and whether or not it will pay off for you in the long run.

The most significant factor that you’ll need to pay attention to is what material you end up choosing. If you weren’t aware, there are actually many different specific metal materials that you will have to consider and choose between. You can’t just say “metal roof” and get a generic roof chosen for you.

To the contrary, you’ll have to choose between aluminum and copper and everything in between. Some of these other materials include G90 steel shingles, galvalume or aluminum standing seam roofs, stone coated steel and more. The differences here will be the final appearance of your roof, as well as its specific properties. The amount of insulation and weather protection it provides, the durability of the material, the weight of the roofing and more are all important differences between these options.

Don’t forget that you’ll need someone to install your new metal roof for you as well. The installation cost will add a significant amount of money to the cost of materials themselves. You’ll be paying for the time, the labor and the quality of the craftsmanship. The install process for metal roofs is somewhat more complex than standard roofs and can take several times as long.

So when you factor in all of the different elements that you’ll be working into the cost, what’s the final price? Typical homes will see a range of about $700 to upwards of $1,500 per square in some cases depending on the materials used and the details of the project. This includes all of the individual costs, as well as the labor of installation itself.

How does all of this compare with asphalt shingles? Well, it doesn’t really compare, because asphalt shingles are a very basic choice and don’t provide nearly the level of quality that metal roofs do. Additionally, they are easier to install and can be done by just about anybody. Of course you’ll end up spending more for whatever metal roof you end up choosing, but that’s why it’s an upgrade and you end up getting a ton of value for the price that you pay.

Before you begin any project you need to know what you’re getting involved with. That’s why getting a strong sense for the metal roofing costs that you will be facing is extremely important. You’ll need to make choices between the specific materials used, and the cost will depend on many other factors ranging from add-ons, installation, size and complexity of the roof and on down the line.


Source by Lee Andersons