How to Measure a Roof


For a homeowner, few expenses rival that of a roof replacement. However neglecting to fix or replace a broken roof can cost much more in the long run! Fortunately, this is not something you need to worry about all that often, as most shingles are warrantied for between fifteen and thirty years. With the way the market is going, anything that can save a homeowner money can be the difference between being able to make a mortgage payment and feeding your family, so when it comes to major renovations like a roof repair, doing some or all of the work on your own is a good idea!

There are, of course, some parts of a roof replacement that require a good deal of building knowledge, however for the most part, it is fairly straightforward and something a handyman would probably feel doing on their own.

The most expensive part of a roof replacement, assuming you are going to do it on your own and not hire a local builder, are the shingles themselves. Shingles are what go on top of the roof and are petroleum based, so the cost is directly related to the price of oil.

To determine how many shingles you need, you first need to figure out how many squares your roof is. Squares is terminology used by roofing contractors to describe a 10 foot by 10 foot section of roof, or 100 square feet.

Shingles come in bundles and most manufacturers provide a figure for how many bundles make up a square. For example, 3-tabbed shingles are the most common type of shingle and 3 bundles of three tab shingles make up one square.

The first step in figuring out how many shingles you will need for your roof is to figure out the square footage. You can often get a rough estimate by measuring the foundation of the home from the ground, however this will not be completely accurate, so before ordering any shingles, it is important to get on the roof and measure the square footage.

Depending on the type of roof, it may be necessary to measure several different sections and then put them together to determine how large of a roof you have. At its most basic, square footage is determined by measuring the width and length of a square or rectangle, so you would need to break your roof into as many square shaped sections as necessary, until you have measured the entire roof.

An A framed roof is the most easy to measure, as it is, as is implied by the name, made up of only two sections both of which are the same size. So, you can just measure one half of the roof and then multiply it by two to figure out the total square footage of your roof. Of course, once you have the square footage, you would need to divide it by 100 to determine how many squares are in your roof.

Preforming a roof replacement on your home can save you big when compared with the labor that a building contractor would charge, not to mention the markup most of them add to their building supplies. While a very physically demanding job, it is not rocket science and with the appropriate amount of research and preparation, it is something that many homeowners can probably do on their own!


Source by Daniel Bodry