How to Repair Your Roof Safely by Using a Roof Ladder


If you find yourself with a small leak on your roof, or some sort of other problem that needs fixing and is relatively easy to do, then it’s very tempting to just go ahead and do it yourself. Instead of hiring someone, you can save yourself a significant amount of money by doing the job on your own. While at first glance this sounds easy and like nothing could go wrong, working on a roof can be very dangerous. Here are some tips to keep you safe while you work on your home.

Perhaps the best and most effective way to stay safe while working on your roof is by using a roof ladder. This is a ladder used in addition to the ladder that you used to climb up on top of your home. Basically, this ladder will lie on the roof, and act as a base that you can stand/crawl on. The benefit of this is a huge gain in balance. Were you to just be crawling on the bare roof, then you have to worry about water, slipperiness, random objects, etc. But with a roofing ladder, you have a firm, unmovable object that you can cling to. You have something that you know will always be there.

To further improve your safety, you can wear a harness attached to the ladder. This way, if you somehow manage to lose your balance and fall off the ladder, you still have the harness which can save you from falling off the roof and hitting the ground.

As a final security measure, you can also secure the ladder to the roof beyond the hooks that hold it down. There may be a notch at the end of the roof’s slope where you can tie a rope/bungee cord around the ladder and the notch to secure it to the roof. This will keep the ladder from sliding or moving around, especially if the conditions are wet or slippery.

In conclusion, when working on your roof, using a roofing ladder is a great way of keeping safe and ensuring that the job gets done smoothly.


Source by Charles C. Hall