I Don’t Like Selling Roofs Door To Door


I had a veteran roofing salesman call me recently and interview for a job. In the course of our conversation he said, “I don’t mind running leads, but I don’t like selling door to door.”

Who does?

Selling roofs door to door can be a hard job… grown-up work; meant only for people who can live with a daily dose of constant rejection.

Big Rewards

The rewards for figuring it out are much greater than the discomfort of knocking on a thousand doors. Once you learn how to do it, you can go almost anywhere in the country and make an extremely good living selling roofs in a fresh hail storm or a hurricane.

On the other hand, if you don’t get door to door selling figured out quick, you’ll get real hungry, real fast… and you’ll be begging for your old 8-5 job in no time at all.

Waiting Won’t Pay The Bills

Everybody wants to run the hot, fresh lead that just called the office begging to sign a contract right now.

The problem is that those kind of people don’t call the office very often. You can’t make a living waiting on prospects to call you. Let me say that again, you can not make a living waiting on prospects to call you.

Hot Leads Belong To Closers

Besides, hot leads like that are called referrals. They are generated because somebody is doing a great job out in the field taking care of their customer… the customer they most likely got from knocking door to door.

Let’s suppose for the sake of argument that your roofing company had a small stack of leads to hand out every day.

Who do you think they’ll give those leads to?

Will it be the sales person who sits around the office drinking coffee waiting for somebody to call them? Sure, they sell a few jobs a week in the early stages of a storm… mainly from hanging around the phones after hours and stealing other people’s referrals.

Will they give those leads to the salesperson who is out in the field fighting through waves of rejection and still closing 6-7 deals a week?

You already know the answer. You better learn how to sell door to door.

Learn How To Close

You can pick up several good tips from reading these roofing salesman articles, but the only good place to learn how to sell roofs door to door is out in the field selling roofs door to door. Every rejection is a new opportunity to learn a new technique. Bring your rejection stories to your sales manager and ask them what they would do differently. If they don’t have any good answers, maybe it is time to find a new roofing company.


Source by Mike Coday