Learn More About Fascia Board


A Fascia board is a kind of trim for the roof used on houses. It is mounted on the top of the outer wall or rafters so that a layer is created between the outside and the edge of the roof. Another advantage of these boards is that they provide a form of protection against damage from weather. The concept of using it as part of the construction of the house is quite an impressive idea, and it can also improve the overall value of your property.

It provides a point or centre where the gutters of the house are attached with the drain pipe and this way the drainage coming from the roof is facilitated and the water does not store in odd places during the rains. The section of the roof where the board is embedded usually requires frequent repairs and changes basically because the board is vulnerable against the water leading to rotting. It is best to repair or change the board before the rot spreads to the roofing and rafters. You can either replace the entire board or cut the infected section and replace that depending upon the condition of the rest of the board. Just by doing this simple repair, you can keep the entire roof from getting damaged with water or moisture.

The replacing of the board is very easy to do and you do not need to wait for a carpenter and pay heavy sums of money to accomplish the task. Simply gather the relevant tools such as hammer, nails, ladder, saw and the board with relevant thickness and width. You can also paint the replaced board with the original color so that the patchwork blends with the roof and does not look disproportionate.

When you replace it, you need to be careful. Be very careful when lifting or removing the shingles so as to avoid damaging them. Another thing you can do is that as long as the Fascia board is removed from the roof you can inspect and have a look at the roof and the flashing. They can be prevented from rotting and damaging by taking extra care of the roof trim simply by regularly cleaning the gutters and preventing the water from accumulating at one part of the roof. Regular maintenance is the key to a long life for both the roof and the Fascia board trims.


Source by Chutipawn Mahapawnprajak