Looking After Lead – The Roofing Way


Lead sheets are one of the most durable and oldest roofing materials available. The original method of making lead sheets was to cast molten lead on a bed of sand, these lead sheets were known to last up to 200 years. Lead sheeting is most commonly seen on London churches, cathedrals and other historical buildings of importance where the original work must be maintained. If there are any faults on the roof it is recommended to undergo roofing repairs as soon as possible. Leaving any faults unchecked can result in further more serious damage later on so enlist the help of a London roofing company as soon as possible.

Before beginning any repair work with a roofing company you should take into account a few factors of the current lead work on the roof. These issues include the condition of the lead, how long it is likely to last, possible work required on surrounding areas and original design faults. These aspects of the roof need to be addressed fully before undertaking any repair work to ensure that the repairs and the roof last and that the repairs run smoothly.

If your lead work is in general all round good condition then you should carry out local roofing repairs appropriately. If the lead has suffered some all round damage you may need to consider renewal of the lead work especially if there is serious or extensive damage. Your roofing company will be looking out for various faults on your roof to determine what course of action to take, these will include serious ripples or splits, the use of oversized pieces, poor location of fixings, use of unsuitable under lays and corrosion along with many more factors that could cause a problem both in the future and for current repairs.

The roofing company involved in the project will have in depth knowledge and experience of lead repairs and conclude whether or not the roofing will require repair work or renewal work. General repairs can include welding small patches of lead over small splits to create a permanent repair solution although these may potentially be required to be carried out off site to prevent fire damage. One problem that London roofing company experts often come across is fixture faults, the thermal expansion of the lead was not taken into account so many roofs suffer stress damage and will distort or crack over time.


Source by Anthony J. Carter