Lower the Temperature of Your Commercial & Industrial Metal Roof


Easy maintenance – Metal roofs are low maintenance in most cases. After the initial installation you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for maintenance and care, which is often minimal.

Durability – Metal is a durable material and depending on which one you choose, you can expect it to stand up to wind, rain, and extreme temperatures too.

Lasts for many years – Metal is non -combustive, resistant to corrosion, and can stand up to most elements of nature when regularly maintained.

Lightweight – The lightweight nature of metal roofing makes it more affordable in some instances but more importantly it allows for ease of installation and less weight on building structures.

Versatility in materials – Commercial and industrial roofing materials can be made of aluminum, copper, steel, zinc, and stainless steel, which provides an affordable option for almost any budget.

All of the benefits of having a metal roof can be increased exponentially by the use of heat reflective paints and coatings. Heat reflective paints and coatings such as Insultec are beneficial because they are:

Heat reflective – As energy costs continue to skyrocket, the more the use of heat reflective paints will be desirable for their ability to reflect heat and lower both internal and external temperatures.

Easy to apply – Heat reflective coatings and paintings are normally applied by spraying, which makes their application process easy and uncomplicated. This application process is also beneficial because it reduces the interruption of business productivity.

Long lasting – Insultec heat reflective coating comes with a 10 -year guarantee, but has been known to last for up to 20 years in some instances. Adding this amount of additional time to your roof can add up to big savings.

Multi -purpose – Not only are heat reflective coatings good for roof insulation but they can also be used on pipes, concrete, walls, and other areas where insulation and reduced temperatures are desired.

Waterproof – Water damage is very expensive, no matter where it occurs but particularly on commercial roofs; normally due to the size of the roof, equipment on the roof that may be damaged, and the costs involved in replacing and repairing the roofing materials. Heat reflective paints and coatings serve as sealants that provide a protective barrier between your roof and rain.

Metal roofing and heat reflective paints and coatings should go hand -in -hand in improving your roof’s durability and strength for the ages.


Source by Mark M Andrews