Metal Roof and Insurance


What will be your first step when the devastating hurricane just hit your city and left serious damage on your roof? You’re most likely to call your insurance company and claim for the damages, right? But how sure you are that your claim will be granted? Reality wise, house insurance companies will always find a valid and legal way to disclaim your claims. In the same way that you don’t want to spend on the havoc brought by hails, windstorms and hurricanes, insurance companies don’t want to, either.

So what do you do to get your insurance provider cover your claims. What do you do to have them say “YES” to you? Here’s a better and creative approach to turn the sour NO into a sweet YES.

The moment your roof is struck, choose a professional roofing company to help you with the repairs. Anyway, even if your claim will be eventually denied, you would still be in need of someone to do the repairs, right? So as early as possible, start scouting for a seasoned roof contractor. As mentioned in my earlier article, do your part of researching for the background of the contractor before engaging his services to ensure that what you’re getting is not a fake. You can also ask for referrals and ask from clients if these companies are experts in insurance negotiations. You need a skilled negotiator to help you communicate with your home insurance company.

Now that you have picked a company, they can now come to your house to do the inspection, whether you will qualify for the insurance or not. He will also give you an estimate on how much the damaged property cost. The inspector will decide if the roof is damaged or not. If the inspector’s finding is damaged but the insurance company disagrees, you can request the latter to do a second examination. It would be better if the inspector meets your insurance company to discuss things out, rather than you discussing with the insurance company. Your roofing contractor has far more knowledge when it comes to negotiations such as this.

Now, because of the expertise of the roof professional, you get to have the nod of the insurance adjuster. Problem is, the amount they agreed to shell out is very minimal and would not cover even half the repair cost. Again, your contractor can do the negotiation to help you get a better price based on fair market value for materials and labor. Always remember that a NO from your insurance adjuster is not always absolute. With a little twist and turn, you can have them say YES to your claims.

Meanwhile, I have one great idea to release you from possible burden when it comes to insurance claims. Why not install a metal roof for your home. It will surely protect you from strong wind-gusts, hails, storms and hurricanes. It can stand extreme weather and is fire-proof. With a metal top for your roof, insurance claims will never have to be a chore.


Source by Karina Yonson