Metal Roof Shingles – Modern Alternative to Asphalt Roofing


One important element in the house is its roofing. It is very essential as it protects the overall structure of the house from climate conditions such as rain, heat and snowfall. When you are looking for a roofing solution, always go for the one that is durable and can last a lifetime. Why not consider metal shingles? Here are four reasons why metal shingles for is the best roofing solution.

1. Durability. Metal shingles is the modern alternative to asphalt roofing. It is tough, durable and lightweight. In fact, it is one-half or less the actual weight of the equivalent asphalt shingle. This type of shingles are available in galvanized steel, Galvalume, painted steel, and aluminum, zinc, as well as copper. It actually last longer-than-lifetime if aluminum, zinc, or copper shingles are chosen. Shingles made out of metal offer a Class A fire rating. Actually, some types that have interlocking designs can help you achieved an extreme wind ratings. Furthermore, metal is not prone to insect damage, mold, or decay.

2. Attractive Design. Metal shingles are manufactured into sheets to facilitate installation and to appear like asphalt, slate, architectural shingles, tile, or cedar shakes depending on your chosen preference. It can reasonably duplicate any heritage appearance and comes in other special shapes like the diamond-shaped shingle. By stamping designs into metal, you can come up with an attractive, dimensioned roof surfaces. Moreover, there is a wide variety of colors and distinguished visual effects for the meticulous home owner to choose from.

3. Quality. If you are looking for a long-life roofing solution at the same time a one-time roof replacement, opt for metal shingles. When properly installed, high quality metal shingles will provide both durability and curb appeal for more than a lifetime. Although metal is expensive; nothing beats its quality. On the average, metal shingles will cost 3 or more times the cost of asphalt shingles per square. Aluminum and zinc products are the most expensive shingles and their cost depends on fluctuating metal markets.

4. Environment – friendly. Metals specifically steel are totally recyclable as well as environmentally friendly. Also, they can be installed over previous asphalt surfaces. This means that you are no longer have to worry about tearing off and disposing old asphalt shingles in landfill sites.

Now, for a wide choice in design, appearance and long-time high durability coupled with a Class A fire rating as well as superior wind resistance, choose metal shingles for your next roofing project.


Source by George Edmondson