Metal Roofing Tax Credit Extended


Many homeowners are unaware of the substantial tax credits that are still available through 2010. In today’s economy there is nothing better than “found” money. Install a qualifying metal roof on your home and receive a tax credit worth 30% of the materials cost up to $1500.

This is really great news – you still have time to install a new metal roof and the governments going to help with a large part of the cost. With this type of incentive still available now is the time to replace your failing roof with a new metal roof.

Several metal roofing manufacturing companies are geared up to help homeowners nationwide take advantage of this program. Make sure you find one that offers Energy Star metal roofing that qualifies for the tax credit. Not all metal roofing manufacturers offer energy efficient metal roofing that meets all of the requirements set forth by Energy Star, a division of the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Energy Star only approves certain types of the coating processes that are used on metal roofing. Only certain colors are approved – based on the amount of solar energy they reflect allowing your home to stay cooler in the warm summer months.

Cooler roofs use much less electricity to cool your home due to reduced use of the air conditioning. Reduced electricity use results in fewer pollutants that are discharged in the air by power plants. Homeowners can do their part to help make our environment clean.

Homeowners may also qualify for discounted homeowners insurance rates if they install a new metal roof on their home. Some insurance companies are discounting up to 35% if a weather resistant metal roof is installed on their home. Check with your insurance company for details.

This program is a win, win situation for today’s homeowner. Homeowners can replace their problem roof; add value to their home with a new metal roof and save money on their utility and insurance cost on top of all of that. Who, in their right mind would not take advantage of this program before it is gone?


Source by Kevin B McNulty