Need to Know How to Install Metal Roofing?


You’ll have to choose between the two available styles of metal roofing. One has a humped edge similar to the letter “R,” while the other, which is simpler to install, is crimped with V-shaped lines for additional strength so that it won’t “flap” while you are working with it. If at any point in the process you realize that you are having difficulty understanding how to install metal roofing, you should put your project on hold and talk to a professional roofing installer.

Beginning The Job

The first task any lesson in how to install metal roofing will mention is that of using a flat-bladed steel “roof shovel” or a pitchfork to remove any of the old roof material and nails or screws which remain on the roof. You would be very wise to have ordered a dumpster to contain the old roofing placed on your property before you begin. When you have removed all of it and given the roof a thorough sweeping, you can proceed by putting down your rolls of 30-pound roofing felt laid end to end and paralleling the roofline.

The rolls of roofing felt should overlap by at least three inches, and overhang the roof by two or three inches all the way around. After you have completed positioning the roofing felt, you will need to attach metal edging strips around your roof’s entire perimeter. The dual purposes of the edging strips are both to stop water from seeping beneath your new shingles, and to give you new roof a professionally finished appearance.

When you have finished adding your metal edging, you will have to snap a chalk line from the crown of your roof to its edges at two foot intervals, and you should take t he time to do this even if you think you already understand how to install metal roofing.

Putting Down You Metal Roofing Material

Measuring from top to bottom and allowing for an overhang of no less than two inches, you can cut your pieces of metal roofing to the appropriate length. The take the first piece of metal roofing an align it to the left side of the roof, using your electric drill and roofing screws to secure it. Place the screws two feet apart along the metal roofing’s inside edge, and on the opposite edge, screw it down away from the edging. Repeat this process with more lengths of roofing until the entire surface is covered; this relatively simple procedure is how to install metal roofing.

When all your Roofing material has been laid and attached, you will need to use either rubber stripping or caulk to seal the overlaps of the separate pieces. Doing so will discourage birds and insects from getting under the metal roofing pieces. When you’ve finished that, you should use another piece of your roof edging material to seal any openings at the ends of the metal sheet. Finally, place a metal cap along the crown of your roof, and congratulate yourself! You are now an expert on how to install metal roofing!


Source by Philip Keon