Proper Roof Maintenance Can Help Protect the Value of Your Building Or Home


One commonly overlooked aspect of owning any type of building is simple roof maintenance. A small problem can grow into a larger one in no time. One minor roof leak that goes unrepaired for some time can end up being a serious problem later.

It is not just leaks that can cause problems for building owners. Debris can collect on parts of a roof and create areas for bugs or mold. All of these problems can cause roof damage that can eventually deteriorate into major leaks.

No matter what type of roofing material makes up a particular roof, there is still a need to perform regular inspections and maintenance once every three to four months. Quarterly roof maintenance is the best way to ensure that any problems with the roof will be addressed before they become an expensive problem.

Some types of roofs require more roof maintenance than others, such as green roofs. Green roofs must be maintained and need to be check regularly to ensure that they are working properly.

Typical roof maintenance includes a thorough check and removal of debris from all valleys and other places that are designed to facilitate the flow of water off of the building. All of the flashings should also be checked to ensure that there is no damage. If the roof has a moss or algae problem, the use of zinc or lead control strips can be installed to stop this from becoming a huge problem; if left untreated, these can take years off the life of the roof. Furthermore, the heavy Santa Ana winds that are common in Southern California can damage or lift shingles; these shingles should be either replaced or re-affixed as part of any quarterly roof maintenance.

Scheduling regular roof maintenance is the easiest way to protect any building from future roofing problems that could cost a lot to fix if gone unnoticed.


Source by Justin Ewart