Pros And Cons Of Terracotta Roof Tiles


Terracotta roof tiles are basically made of natural clay which is one of the oldest construction materials used since the evolution of mankind. When natural clay is fired and baked, it is known as terracotta tiles. As it is made of natural clay products, it has a reddish brown color and exudes a sense of aesthetics and elegance. The color of these tiles may vary according to the type of clay used for its manufacture. However, these tiles are glazed so that it exudes a unique shine and color. Terracotta has been in use to make ancient sculptures as it is quite tensile and water proof.

There are different varieties of terracotta tiles which are used as roofing tiles. Among the most commonly used varieties of these tiles include the pantiles. The design and the structure of the pantiles make it quite ideal for all types of roofs.

Durable: One of the most important benefits of clay tiles is its increased durability. It can last for several years and seldom need to be replaced.

Tensile: Another beneficial feature of these tiles is its strength. It has incomparable strength which makes it one of the most preferred choices among most of the home builders.

Resistant: It is also resistant to fire and rot as it is tensile and durable.

Variety: Today these roof tiles are available in a huge variety of colors, sizes and types to suit different home and office requisites.

Aesthetic Appeal: Compared to the other roof tiles, it is quite rustic and aesthetic in appeal. It exudes an earthen appeal with its color and texture.

Heat Conductors: Terracotta is a bad conductor of heat and therefore homes and building installed with these roof tiles remain cool even during the summers.

Heat barriers: It also acts as a heat barrier with its unique features. It therefore helps to save energy in comparison to the ordinary tiles.

Woody appearance: Latest innovative designs and patterns include woody and stony appearance which adds to the beauty of the homes. It is also light in weight compared to the other clay tiles.

No-Fade protection: Most of the modern roof tiles have additional no-fade protection which adds to its utility and usage.

Insect attacks: It is also resistant to insect and termite attacks and therefore it is considered to be quite ideal for all types of floors and roofs.

Even though terracotta roof tiles are ingrained with many beneficial features, it is not devoid of disadvantages.

Expensive: It is quite expensive compared to the other tiles used for construction purposes.

Heavy: These tiles are quite heavy and bulky in comparison to the other tiles. It is important to ensure that the building can support the weight of the tiles before it is installed on it.

Fragile: Fragility is another significant disadvantageous feature of these natural clay tiles.

Loss of color: Over the passage of time, these tiles tend to fade and lose its original deep color.

Nevertheless, the advantages of these clay tiles outweigh its disadvantages. So it is popularly used for most of the construction purposes.


Source by Anamika Swami