Raised Seam Roof: Lower Cost Roofing System That Lasts


Many architects and roof contractors recommend a raised seam roof because of its high durability and longevity. It is very easy to install and uses the sliding clip system technology. This metal roofing is made of lightweight panels which are fastened by clips to the roof over the metal edges. The base is firm while the clips are moveable in different directions. Thin covers are installed over the joints to create a waterproofing and weather-tight protection against inclement weather like high intensity winds, snow, rain and hail. When temperature fluctuates, this clip system technique avoids thermal dysfunctions with its expansion and contraction capability.

These seam roofing are being used in commercial and industrial building construction projects because of its many advantages over the other types of roofing. It is lighter than the traditional shingle or asphalt roofing. This lightness in weight helps in enhancing the overall structure of the building. Many homeowners are now looking into the viability of this roofing over the typical types. Over the years, its popularity rating has been soaring among contractors, architects, homeowners and property developers.

Although the upfront investment is higher than the traditional roofing, the truth of its cost analysis is you will have a lower average cost in the long term because of the outstanding lifespan of the roofing. How about a roof which can last for half a century! Not only that, the durability of the roofing will enable you to have an almost “maintenance-free” roofing. These metal roofs are very easy to clean and to take care.

It enjoys a very long term warranty from the manufacturers. When it comes to your insurance coverage, you can end up with yearly savings by paying a lower annual fire premium. The raised seam metal roofing has a high rating not only in terms of wind resistance but also in fire resistance. Another bonus feature is its excellent resistance to insects, mold and mildew.

When planning to replace your old roof or building a new one, take a serious look at the raised seam roof technology. If you are upgrading, there is no need for you to tear down the existing roof. You can just have the new one properly installed over the old. The exceptional advantage of this type of roofing is its stylishness and beauty. With so many different bright colors you can choose from and its design features, you can match your roof with the color of your house. Using the unique laminated photovoltaic integrated roof panels can make your house a “showroom talk of the town” and a stand-out in your neighborhood.

As avid environment proponents, people would love the fact that the roof metals used for raised seam roofing are mostly recycled materials. They are green and eco-friendly materials which are 100% recyclable. Not only that, another advantage being provided is a reduction in your energy consumption because of the coolness it gives to the interior of your place during the hot months.

There are many types of roofing options available in the market for the construction of residential and business buildings today. Your roof is your first line of defense against the effects of harsh weather conditions. The kind of roofing your family and business deserve is one which can provide maximum comfort, security and protection. What more can you ask from this innovative and classy raised seam roof technology system!


Source by Fem Mascenon