Removal of Asbestos Garages Or Corrugated Asbestos Roofing Sheets


There is a common misconception that only a licensed removal agency or local authority can remove your tired asbestos garage.

If you are contemplating replacement of your present prefabricated garage then it is very likely that this building contains asbestos cement or Chrysotile (‘white asbestos’). Asbestos cement normally contains from about 5% of white asbestos by weight.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral which was used within the concrete garage sector up until the late 1980s. Modern concrete garages no longer contain asbestos within their roof structure preferring to use reinforced cement fibre. Neither material can be identified by any markings and only chemical analysis will prove that asbestos is present. Dedicated asbestos skips are available but are extremely costly since they are designed to be secure and lockable and their tipping rate is by weight so you will be paying asbestos rates for all the wood, steel and concrete placed inside the container.

The mere presence of asbestos does not necessarily create a health risk and the removal of asbestos cement sheets is not governed by any regulatory body although it is strongly recommended that you/your appointed contractors adheres to safe working methods.

o Thoroughly douse the material before starting work. You are advised to introduce a suitable wetting agent such as washing-up liquid, into the water before saturation.

o Operatives are recommended to wear RPE/PPE (Respiratory/Personal Protective Equipment) to protect from inhalation of dust particles.

o Avoid breaking asbestos panels unnecessarily but if this is necessary continue to wet down the area that you are working.

Many suppliers of concrete sectional buildings can offer the service of removal of your old asbestos garages at a reasonable rate.


Source by Nicolas Paice