Residential Roofing Options


There are a number of residential roofing options that you can consider whether you are currently remodeling or putting up your house. They differ in the materials used and this affects the durability and the price of course. In order to choose wisely, you have to determine what your options are. Base it upon the strong and weak points of each one. Below, you will find the available options that you can look upon one by one.

• Metal roof – the metals that are mostly used in roofing are aluminum, steel and copper. This was a hit during the industrial age. Some of the most famous buildings that are made with metal roofs include Washington Monument. This option is kind of expensive but it lasts longer especially if you will be using the high quality materials. They are fire retardant and they are not that high maintenance. If you want metal roofing but you want it to be eco-friendly as well, opt for steel as it is recyclable. Most of roofing that is used today in most homes is standing-seam steel.

• Slate roofing – you can find this material in fashionable homes most of the time. This also lasts longer compared with other materials. It can even last until more than a century. Its worst enemy includes cleavage and grains. Any of these two can split the slates into thin sheets. This alternative is very expensive. However, they will also allow you to attain a natural look. They come in a wide variety of texture and color. This may be a bit heavy and it breaks easily especially when being nailed. This makes it quite hard to install. You may consider hiring a roof contractor if you will choose this alternative.

• Cedar shingles – this is also referred to as wood shakes. This is a good roof material that is made out of western red cedar. Another alternative is spruce. Pine can also be used for wood shakes. This has a natural beauty that will provide a nice touch to your home. It will save you in buying paint especially when it is brand new. Choose cedars that are machine cut so that you will have a nice smooth finish. Cedars have either brownish or reddish color at first. When it fades, it will give you a soft grey hue. This is quite expensive though.

• Clay tile – no matter where your house is located, this will be a good roofing solution. It can endure insects such as bees and mold. This does not decay and does not burn. This will go well with houses that have architectural designs that has a touch of Italian, Spanish Mission or southwestern. However, you must not fail to remember that it can be very heavy. You might find it difficult to install. You really need to provide additional materials that will provide further support into it so that the weight can always be supported. In addition, it is quite expensive to install.

• Asphalt shingle – this is also one of the most common materials used both in personal and commercial purposes. It is less expensive but it can last for a maximum of 30 years. It might last a bit longer if you will take care of it well. This can suit any type of home irrespective of the architectural style that your home has. Repairing it will not cause you trouble too. It is fire resistant. It comes also in many colors and textures. There are laminated shingles, which is also made up of asphalt but has better durability yet more expensive.

• Fiberglass shingle – this is a variation of shingles. There are two layers that are glued together to make it more durable. It has a base layer that is made out of glass fiber mat. This becomes waterproof when it is coated with asphalt that has mineral contents. This is another alternative for asbestos fortification. Newer designs of fiberglass shingle are referred to as laminated shingles. This lasts about 70 years provided that it is properly taken care of. It helps allow the owner to achieve a varied if not personalized look.

Choose a roofing solution wisely so that you will not spend much in the long run with replacing your roof too soon. Save your money by doing the right thing.


Source by Joseph J Wilkerson