Roll Roof Shingles – Your Quick and Reasonably-Priced Emergency Roofing Solution


Are you in need of an immediate, reasonably priced emergency roofing solution in a time-sensitive situation where the cost of roofing a building precludes expensive options? If so, then an application of roll roofing can be your ideal roofing solution.

Below are the specifications of a roll roof shingle. Read on to help you come up a good roofing material purchasing decision!

What does roll roof shingles are made of?

Roll roofing is certainly not like any ordinary shingles. Although it is made out of the same classes of materials from which shingles are basically constructed, it is, however, made available in a form of a standardized roll of asphalt-covered, mineral-coated mat. The composition of its base mat may be fiberglass, felt, or a combination of the two. The modern versions of this type of roofing material are self-adhesive. Its surface may be smooth, or may be applied with granular mineral material in a variety of colors to achieve an improved fire rating, appearance and longer durability. Other variations have long been used along the drip edge of roofs under standard shingles to spare the roof from water damage cause by ice dams.

How can it be installed?

Roll roof shingles can be installed quickly with reasonable skill. It can be installed on just about any type of roof for as long as the roof substrate is solid and in good condition. It can also be easily repaired when they are damaged.

How durable is it?

The durability and life expectancy of roll roofing depends upon the application and conditions accordingly. If they are properly installed on a clean, smooth deck, composite surfaced asphalt, it will most likely last for 10 years or more.

How much does it cost?

Rolled asphalt products such as this roll roof shingles are significantly less expensive than asphalt shingle ones. So if curb appeal is of little concern to the homeowner; these rolls can be a functional, durable roofing solutions at a low cost.

What about its aesthetics?

Actually, rolls of flat mineral-coated roofing are considered a less attractive option compared to shingles or shakes. However, the good thing about roll roofing being an asphalt-containing product is it can simply be replaced and recycled. Furthermore, although rolled roofing is similar in material makeup to asphalt shingle, it is way more lighter than the latter as it is installed in a single layer.

So, for an inexpensive, easily installed and fast roofing solution, choose roll roofing.


Source by George Edmondson