Roof Flashing – The Importance of an Experienced Contractor


Roof flashing is essential for the proper maintenance of the home, especially in the weather-prone areas.

Although the concept is simple–placing sheet metal over seams and other high stress areas of the roof–the savings in home repairs can be immense.

High quality, well-installed flashing directs moisture away from seams and other vulnerable features to parts of the roof where water can move quickly and safely from the shingles to the ground without causing damage.

Experts Only Need Apply

Although it seems like an easy do-it-yourself project, roof flashing should always be installed by an expert.

Lack of experience and proper tools when installing roof flashing can lead to extensive roof damage.

In fact, improperly installed flashing is one of the top reasons for a damaged roof.

Here are a few signs that your roofer is right for the job:

— They are well established in your community and have appropriate licensing and insurance

— They have experience installing flashing in unique weather conditions

— They have a long list of satisfied customers

— They take pride in their company’s work and seem genuinely interested in helping you solve your roofing issues

— They stand behind their work

The Professional Difference

What makes the difference between professional roof flashing and an amateur job?

Although anyone can nail a piece of metal to the roof, the difference lies in how the roof flashing works.

Properly installed flashing is durable, long-lasting, and flexible enough to last through a variety of weather conditions, from the blistering heat of summer to the icy winds of January.

If you are thinking of getting a roof replacement or even a small repair, flashing is the finishing piece that will keep your roof safe through the year-round weather changes.


Source by Arsham Mirshah