Roof Flashing


The roof of a house is one of its integral parts. Each one of us want our house roof to be good looking and classy with ease of maintenance. None of us want to have water leakages or sewage problems in our roofs which could spoil our house’s ceiling. To prevent these water leaks and seepage from your roof it is important to have a good roof flashing installed at your place. So much so that many contractors even describe roof flashings as their final weapon against water penetration and seepage problems.

Flashings are usually made up of various types of materials. They may be formed of aluminum or any other galvanized metal. Aluminum proves to be a much more popular one amongst builders, simply because it does not corrode easily and is long lasting. Also aluminum is preferred as the main building material for roof flashings because it is malleable and ductile that is it can be cut into sheets and drawn into wires.

It is quite easy to use a roof flashing system. Flashings are installed on all the places where different roof surfaces meet. It is also used at, edges, roof peaks, vents, dormers, skylights and many other places too. It is also important to instantiate roof flashings in such places and also seal those flashings to ensure no leakages are formed which could cause damage to your house.

We have two types of roof flashings available in the market. If you have an open valley flashing, it can be easily determined by just looking at the valley where different surfaces meet, and you can very easily detect any damage caused whereas if closed valley flashings have been installed then it is impossible to detect the condition of the shingles by yourself. Despite of the type of roof flashing you use on your roof you should hire a professional roofing contractor to analyze it.

Flashing is very essential to stop moisture from seeping under the roofing material. If however the water manages to pass through, then it would spread around the shingles, and then cause damage. During winters, ice and snow get accumulated on the edges pf the shingles and this is known as formation of ice dam. This kind of a situation can be avoided by constructing a two part edge roof flashing.

Another very important point that should be recalled while installing a flashing is that you must have best results, and even install the flashings in co-ordination with some other protective sealant. This definitely would ensure a safer leak free roof.


Source by Irsan Komarga