Roof Maintenance During Winters


Seasonal maintenance of roofs is important but the maintenance in winters is of prime concern. Leaking taps, uninsulated pipes and accumulation of snow on the roof can cause minor damages or even disasters. Get to know more about how to remove these issues even before they seem to appear. Damming due to ice is slowly becoming a bigger problem as roof tops are covered with heavy snow. Yes it seems a pretty scene on Christmas, those pretty icicles hanging down. But it is highly destructive and dangerous for you house. After snowfall there is good amount of snow blanket on the roof of your home, this can be heavy for your roof supports and can cause damaging of these roof supports.

Damming due to ice can cause water harm on the outside and inside walls of the house. Whenever the temperature outside the house increases the blanket of snow melts and the melted snow will go towards gutter, raises the ice and climbing up the top. When water soaks into a dry wall it breaks down it all together. This will lead to excessive moistening of walls and the structure will form ice damming. As if now we know ice damming can be destructive. Damming of ice enters into the house mainly from the attic of the house. Usually there is not proper insulation in attic area due to which heat trapped will flow into the area warming up the roof and causing the snow on the roof to melt when it should not. Lots of professionals in roofing will tell you the main cause of damming due to ice. One simple way to remove or control damming is by adding an extra layer of insulation. This remedy will surely help you in long run. Added insulation will surely help in reducing excessive heating and thus prevailing ice to stay for long duration.

Another solution to this problem can be making the pitch of the roof in such a way that it prevents the snow to stay on for less time. Low roof will surely help but in low roof ice damming will occur. To get rid of it in low roof you have to remove ice on your roof with roof rakes or modified snow shovel. Houses having low roof should also have gutter and roof heaters. These heaters don’t allow ice to accumulate on your roof and gutters hence preventing ice damming.

The above tips will surely help you in dealing with problems related to ice damming and maintaining a safe roof.


Source by Irsan Komarga