Roof Moss Prevention


Overhauling the roof could cost you thousands of dollars. Careful cleaning coupled with organic, non-caustic, non-acidic products that remove mold, moss, mildew and algae on roof surface are of utmost importance.

In these times of economic crisis, we cannot afford to renovate our houses as we please. We have to make sure that we keep an eye on our household furniture, equipment and even our roofs. While we love to take care of the furniture and equipments we have inside our house, we tend to overlook our roofs, unconscious of the fact that roofing costs thousands of dollars.

What could have been set aside for food, excessive shopping or high tuition could be inadvertently spent for immediate roofing repairs.

It is a tad difficult if we talk about roof maintenance because outdoor temperature is something that we cannot control. Our biggest enemy is outdoor moss, algae or mildew, which usually form due to dampness. While regular cleaning and maintenance always helps, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. It is virtually impossible to clean the roof without damaging it. You cannot just remove the mold, mildew and algae with a brush. Especially if you are using roof shingles, there could be a risk of serious damage if you do not use a mold, moss, mildew or algae remover. Aggressive cleaning could lead to cracking, or worse breaking of your roof shingles.

The best choice to do the job would be to use mold, moss, mildew and algae remover. Of course, there are a number of organic and non-acidic products that can easily be bought from the stores. You can look for products labeled moss remover, mold remover, mildew remover or algae remover. Look for the organic, non-caustic and non acidic moss and mildew removers in the home maintenance and cleaning materials section in your grocery stores. You also have the option to get it online.

As for your daily upkeep, try to remove tree branches that could block the sunlight from directly hitting your roof. It would be helpful if you carefully sweep dead leaves stuck on your roof. Organic matter decomposes easily, encouraging the growth of other microorganisms such as molds.

The removal of these damaging moss, mildew and algae formation is important to lengthen the life of your roof, reducing the possibility of spending more money on something that could have been unnecessary.


Source by Beth Handler