Roof Tile Cleaning – Pros and Cons


So your roof is full of moss, algae and lichens, you have cracked tiles, it to cap it all the roof leaks, what do I do?

Your house is the biggest expense you are going to have in your lifetime, so it makes sense to look after it. If you don’t it will fall apart and cost more in the long run to put it right or it will not realise its full asking price when you come to sell it. Either way it will cost you money.

One of the main areas of concern on houses over 25 years of age are the roofline and roof tiles. These areas get the most hammer from the elements wind, rain, ice, snow and sun and because they are generally to high up for a regular inspection, problems that may be there just do not get seen and therefore do not get fixed which in turn leads to bigger problems.

Roof tiles that are full of moss and lichens, if not treated, will deteriorate to the point that they will hold too much water, so much so that in the winter this water will freeze. As you know, water when frozen, actually expands and this is what cracks the roof tiles. Cracked or broken roof tiles then let water into the roof area, your house or bungalow will have roofing felt underneath the tiles so the water will run down the felt and into the fascia and soffit area. If this is wooden then eventually this will begin to rot causing problems with your roofline.

What can be done to help combat these problems? You could have a what called a re-roof which is basically removing the old roof tiles and having brand new tiles fitted in place. This is a very expensive way of combating these types of problems.

The other way is to have the moss and lichens power washed away using normal water with a high pressure lance. This actually blasts away all the years of grime and moss build up, this then shows up the broken or cracked tiles which can then be replaced (much cheaper than replacing the whole roof). Once that has been done the roof is then given an antifungal wash which will inhibit moss and lichen re-growth. Any loose tiles should be re-pointed at this stage. The final process is then to weather coat the roof. This is in effect an acrylic paint which is 100% water repellent yet allows the roof to breathe fully. 2 coats are usually applied and once dried the water actually runs off of the roof tiles instead of sitting in the pores, this also inhibits moss re-growth, where there is no water there is no dampness therefore nowhere for moss or fungus to grow.

All the above work can be carried out in a couple of days (depending on the size of the roof area) and all for a fraction of the cost of a re-roof. Not only have you fixed a problem for a small out lay the roof looks fantastic and you know that it will last for years to come.

Some people have actually sold their property after having such work carried out, a property that had previously been on the market for 18 months or more.


Source by Mick Young