Roofing Contractors – Avoid Getting Ripped Off


One of the most expensive types of home repair is that which relates to roofing. Whether you are just in need of a patch of a certain area, or if you need to replace every shingle on top of the house, the job is a major one to undertake in terms of importance and cost to the homeowner. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a contractor that is not true to his pledge of offering quality service to clients. Having a lousy job done will drain your bank account and even cause serious damage from leakage. Read on to discover how to avoid getting taken for a ride when hiring for roof work.

Ask any experienced professional in this field and they will advise that you consider several people for the task. The amount of references that you amass from the several candidates may be a lot to cycle through, but the background checking will be worth your time in the long run. You will want to call all references to inquire about how easy the individual is to work with, cost, time taken until completion, and overall satisfaction with the job.

When seeking out candidates for your roofing project, consider looking into contractors that have a permanent address and local phone number. This is just a simple precaution to take in order to avoid a possible scam.

Now it is time for getting estimates. If you have narrowed down your ideal hires to around three or four, call each one and get an estimate for your job type. If a particular worker seems more preferable to work with, but is more costly that the competitors, ask if the price may be lowered. Sometimes requesting that cheaper materials be used can reduce the overall cost of a job.

Before you hire anyone you should make sure that the roofing contractor has liability insurance and proof of worker’s compensation. Most legitimate professionals in this line of construction will have these documents handy and will likely be glad you asked to see them. If the person you hire does not have worker’s compensation and is injured on the on your property during a job, then you may share liability. So just to be safe, never hire anyone who is not insured.

In terms of signing the actual roofing contract for the job, read over it very carefully before signing. You will want to see if it includes any provisions for necessary changes later on or for any extra materials needed for a job. Also, make sure you sign the document before actual work begins and keep a copy of it for yourself.

The types of precautions you should take when seeking out a contractor for this type of job are well worth heeding. Not looking into a worker’s past resume of jobs can result in your hiring an incompetent and unskilled person that will end up causing damage to your house rather than helping reinforce it. Take the time to find the best person for the job and avoid paying for it later on down the road.


Source by Alfred Ardis