Roofing Employee Leasing – Providing Stability in Unstable Markets


Roofing is a very successful, but highly volatile sector of the construction industry. There are many challenges facing roofing business owners both externally in the market as well as internally within the company. The constantly changing financial market, insurance practices, environmental shifts and political climates make it very difficult to operate a stable roofing company with any success. For these reasons, a large number of company owners are turning to roofing employee leasing to help level things out and simplify running the company.

Anyone that has been in the roofing business for any length of time can tell you that there are certain times of year that you can barely afford to keep the lights running and other times when you are turning down jobs because you don’t have the manpower. Either situation can be harmful to business, even when it is booming. The winter months are the slowest for roofing companies, as with just about any other construction industry. The best times to work are during the spring and summer, and that is when there is a great deal of business to be had. So, as a business owner, how can you adapt to needing ten times as many employees during the summer than you have, and not needing half of the ones you have when winter comes?

A roofing employee leasing company can help stabilize the employment in your business by supplying more workers when you need them the most. Additionally, when the season is slow they can help the employees find work elsewhere so they are still getting a paycheck and benefits. Sometimes the worst part about being a boss is letting people go when you just don’t have the work for them. By leasing your roofing employees it makes it a little easier for them and a lot easier for you.

Immigration is a very hot-button issue in America right now, primarily in the southern states but elsewhere as well. In an effort to crack down on illegal immigration, government laws have been enacted that punish employers for hiring illegal immigrants. This adds more of a headache for the business owner than anyone else because he now has to worry about making sure everyone has VALID citizenship information, which many often don’t. This is just one more of the many things that leasing roofing employees can help you with.

Once the employees become employees of the leasing company, ensuring that they are legally able to work is no longer your concern. You know that the employees working on your jobs have been screened and checked; the liability no longer rests in your hands which is a big burden gone from your mind. Roofing and construction are very unpredictable and constantly changing industries. One storm sweeping through a city can give you more work that you know what to do with. Other times roofing companies are in a bidding war over the very few jobs in the area. It is difficult on the employer and the employees when neither knows where their next dollar will be coming from. Roofing employee leasing can provide stability for both parties.


Source by Stewart Baker