Royal Sovereign Shingles – GAF-Elks Basic Standard Strip Shingle


If you are in the market for an affordable but basic shingle, GAF’s Royal Sovereign shingle is the best bet for your money. This easy to afford, basic three tab shingle is perfect for a homeowner on a limited budget but wants the durability of great shingle. Made with a single layer of roofing material this shingle gives the basic protection from the elements. It comes with a 25 year warranty, reliable protection for years to come and also has the good housekeeping seal of approval, all this while giving your home a clean, even look.

Royal Sovereign shingles combines a simple, timeless beauty with GAF-Elk’s well known quality making it the most preferred asphalt fiberglass strip shingle in its class among both builders and contractors alike. It is the most popular choice simply because of its affordability and durability. It looks great on any roof; it gives the homeowner’s roof a flat, clean look and even curb appeal.

The Royal Sovereign shingle from GAF-Elk comes with a Class A fire listing from underwriters laboratories which is the highest rating possible. This gives the homeowner peace of mind for years to come.

For the professional installer, the Royal Sovereign shingle from GAF-Elk company is great for re-roofing a house. It is a more sturdy shingle than any standard shingles so they nail on easy and look smooth and even on any roof that already has an existing roof. Royal Sovereign gives superior performance since it is made with an extra strong micro weave technology core inside the shingle providing a longer life and extended durability for the life of the shingle.

You will be pleased to see that you can go to any Home depot and see the Royal Sovereign 25 year Standard Strip Asphalt Shingle. Royal Sovereign is among most economically priced roofing products on the market today.

When your roof is installed by a GAF/ELK Certified or Master Elite Contractor, Royal Sovereign offers the longest Non Prorated Warranty Coverage period of any shingle in it’s class. Imagine getting a 25 year roof installed and having the piece of mind that you’ll never ever have to worry about the system cost you money. This is a reality because the Coverage under a System Plus Warranty will take care of your roof 100% in the event your your roof fails due to any type of valid defect.The best thing is that the actual Non Pro rated period is 20 years under the current GAF/ELK Warranty today.

The Royal Sovereign shingle stays in place with a duragrip adhesive that seals each shingle tightly and thus reducing the risk of any shingle blow off in heavy winds. The Royal Sovereign shingle comes in many different colors to please any homeowner, depending on your location of where you live. Some colors are Autumn Brown, Charcoal, Golden Cedar, Silver Lining, Slate, Weathered Gray, and White.

The Royal Sovereign shingle by GAF-Elk is a shingle that will not only add appeal to your home for years to come, but will last for many years as well. Priced right for the durability and advanced technology for a basic three tab shingle. Homeowners and builders everywhere will agree that this shingle is the best shingle you can get for the affordability.


Source by Joseph Vann Hamby Sr.