Rubber Roofing – An Efficient and Cost Effective Roofing Alternative


The primary reason why people are not comfortable with the idea of rubber roofing is that rubber seems like a poor replacement for clay or cement. Secondly, the idea of dumping rubber on your roof seems like a very uncool and cheap thing to do. Well, there is no need for you to decorate the top of your house with black rubber tires with the tread marks still visible. Simply banish such a thought.

Instead, you can go in for rubber sheets that will sit on your roof just as any other tile does. Further, you can paint the rubber roofing in any color you want. If you go in for rubber shingles, you can actually give your roof a clay tile finish even as you enjoy the benefits of rubber roofing.

What are the benefits? For starters, this is an inexpensive option because you shall be going in for replacement and recycled rubber tiles. Since there is no compromise of quality involved, this is a significant cost saving. The savings will continue for as long as you use rubber tiles.

Secondly, rubber roofing is as durable as cement and concrete roofing. In any case, you will find it easier to repair wear and tear and carry out maintenance activities. The combination of recycled tires, sawdust and slate dust is very easy to maintain and repair.

Further, rubber does not have the tendency to crack and crumble very quickly. Hence, this makes it an ideal choice if you live in a place where weather and temperature changes are very common.

Unlike wood and other alternatives, this roofing option is completely fire resistant. Hence, you would automatically be reducing the risk of fire when you go in for rubber roofing. The advantages do not end here. With so many technological improvements, you can use rubber roofing irrespective of whether you have a flat roof or not.

If you have a flat roof, you can go in for rubber sheets that will simply be fitted to the roof as a rug is fitted to the floor. If you have a slanted roof, you can go in for a rubber tile which will be nailed and fitted just as the other tiles are fitted.

Another advantage is that rubber roofing will not become warm very quickly. This means that it will act as a natural insulating material which will help you reduce the expenses involved in carrying out insulation activities for your house.


Source by Nazimabee Woozeer