Should I Get A Metal Roof?


One can never go wrong with metal roofs. But I must say that it is neither for everyone. Getting a metal roof is an investment as it is pricey. So you must deliberately plan and carefully decide if you are to get this one. Consider the following paragraphs and then decide if metal tops are for you.

Do you live in a place always frequented by hails and strong storms? Have you experienced sleeping in a roofless home because it was blown away by wind gusts? If yes, this roof is good for you. Metal roofs are known to beat strong hurricanes and winds of up to 16 miles per hour. With metal roof, you will never have to sleep again with stars and moon smiling directly at you.

Are you tired of always having to do repairs and alteration in your traditional roof? Like you have to fix the leaking roof and do re-painting? Do you just wish to have a roof that if once installed, you have nothing to fix or alter in the next 50 years? Yes, this metal roof rocks!

Catapulting bills? Want to reduce it? With these metal tops, sure you can! According to US Studies, metal tops reflect off UV rays, keeping your house cool by 25% more than traditional roofing. So, the result is cooler home, especially during the long hot months, and a reduced electric bill.

Do you support the green environment? Are you afraid that there will come a time that your great granddaughters will not be able to appreciate Mother Nature because of the heaping volcano-like landfill? Studies conducted by the National Association Homebuilders reveal that there are over 20 billion pounds of shingles dumped into American landfills, not to mention other garbage such as bottles, plastics, paper, etc. Although portions of the shingles are being recycled and turned into metal roofing again, the truth remains that bombastic amount of waste is being dumped. So, to at least, curtail this wastage, metal roof is the answer. With this, once installation will do. You will never have to replace it and you can even install it over an existing roof. So, you were able to already cut down the wastage, you were also able to save on labor cost that comes in removing the old roof.

Last question is, can you afford it? Metal coverings cost triple the amount of traditional roofing. If you answered yes to the first four questions above, but NO here, well, I guess the metal roof is not for you.


Source by Karina Yonson