Solar Roofing – Roofing For the Planet


The sun is going to continue lighting and warming the Earth for an estimated six billion years. While it’s unlikely that either your home or your solar roofing will last as long as that, while they do last your solar roofing can harness some of the sun’s power so that you can put it to use in your home.

Solar roofing shingles are as simple to install as asphalt singles. And after being connected to a home’s electrical wiring will begin to generate solar power which can lead to significant savings on the monthly electric bill! You won’t have to add any reinforcement to your roof’s structure to support your solar roofing shingles, and the solar roofing shingles can handle most kinds of sever weather with ease. Some solar roof shingles will withstand wind gusts of as high as 80 MPH.

Using solar roofing on your home will put you in the vanguard of the alternative energy movement, so that you will be relying less on the fossil fuels which are rapidly becoming depleted. By cutting back on you use of fossil fuels, you’ll also be lowering the amount of greenhouse gasses you are creating, and a taking a small step toward reducing global warming. If everyone who used electricity in their homes also used solar roofing the difference they could make would be enormous!

The Advantages of Solar Roofing

Solar roofing can collect and store enough energy to run a home’s basic appliance, at the same time that it protects the home’s inhabitants from wind, rain, snow, and the sun’s heat and damaging UV rays. Solar roofing can also generate enough power to run the home’s lighting and to heat its water, or to operate ventilating fans.

The amount of power your solar roofing will generate will depend on the number of solar panels which have been installed on your roof, and the buildings with the greatest numbers of solar panels will collect and store the greatest amount of power. Some homes actually have enough solar roofing to supply more power than they need, and their owners get the bonus of being able to sell their surplus power back to the local power grid. By doing so they reduce the local electrical utility’s dependence on fossil fuels, even if it’s only by a tiny amount!

The people who decide to go with solar roofing are the people who know and care about what is happening to the global environment, and know that the survival of the human race is directly connected to the survival of the planet. Many states and countries are now offering tax breaks and other monetary incentives to people who decide to install solar roofing, so that it less expensive and available to a much greater number of people.


Source by Philip Keon