Solar Tubes – The Ultimate Solar Lights


Solar tubes are the ultimate solar light. Solar tubes are skylights with a tube connected down through the roof to the ceiling. With a solar tube there is no electricity, light from the outside is passed through the tube to a window in the ceiling that looks like a light fixture.

Solar sky lights are great if you have a dark area that you’d like to brighten up with some natural light. In my home I had a dark stairwell leading to the second floor. It bothered me to have to turn on the light in the middle of the day so I decided to install a sky light. We love it. During the day it lights up the whole stairwell, even at night, when the moon is out, we get some nice light on the stairs.

So now you’re wondering how much do these types of sky lights cost and how complicated are they to install. You might be surprised at how cheap they are. For less than $500 you have one installed. It installation is also pretty easy, however the average homeowner will probably want to hire a contractor. In order to install a solar tube you have to get on top of your roof and you have to crawl around in your attic.

The next question that comes to mind is where can you buy a solar tube and who can you get to install it for you. Any experienced roofing contractor that you find in the Yellow Pages should be able to install your solar tube, in fact they should be able provide you with a solar tube also.

If you’re thinking about installing a solar tube and you want to make sure you don’t pay too much hair’s a few things you should know: roofing contractors don’t buy their supplies at Lowe’s or Home Depot to buy their supplies from wholesale roofing supply houses. So your first step would be to check your yellow pages and look for roofing material suppliers Bradco and ABC supply or two well-known supply houses. Call your local supplier and check on prices so that when you are negotiating with at your local roofing contractor you know about how much you should be paying for a solar tube in your area. An even better tactic is to tell your installer that all you want is a quote for labor and that if he tells you exactly what you need for material you’ll pay for it directly. The labor to install the tube should not be more than 250 $300 depending on how complicated your roof and attic are to access.

Every time the sun shining in through our solar to or the moon is shining bright through our solar to I get a big smile on my face. Not only do I have natural light during the day and sometimes at night but I’m saving money to because I didn’t have to turn on the light in the middle of the day.


Source by John E Newman